WW2 British 50 Round L-Drum Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 production 50 round (L) drum magazine pouch, it is British Made and marked as such. In excellent condition (NOS), it is dated 1944 and manufacturer marked as well – B.H. & G. This is the style with the both the belt loop and the shoulder strap. It is marked US on the front flap – sort of a reverse lend lease item.

Condition 9.5 / 10


WW2 British 20 Round Magazine Tin

Original WW2 British 20 round magazine tin holding 10 magazines in very good condition. MFG by SWS Ltd (stamped on the side) and with very clear lettering on the lid. Complete except for the felt pads that go inside and retaining about 80%+ of the original paint with no dents only some wear and a bit of surface rust from age and use.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 US 30 Round (6) Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 30 round magazine pouch holding 6 magazines. Made of an OD colored material with a shoulder strap. Marked US on the front as well as the manufacturer on the back – W.L. Dumas Inc. CO. and dated 1943. It has minor overall wear and some soiling from use and age with a small stain on the front left side but no rips or tears and in good overall condition.

Condition 7 / 10


1940 Auto Ordnance Advertisement

Original WW2 Auto Ordnance advertisement (Bridgeport CT Address) from a 1940 Dated magazine. It is a half page advertisement and is what I think the most boring advertisement from Auto Ordnance, they typically had fantastic designed advertisements. It measures approximately 5 X 7.5 inches in size and in excellent condition.

Condition 10 / 10


1920’s 20 Round Patent Magazine

Original 1920’s 20 round magazine that is the early version with the repeat patent markings which were made as Auto Ordnance started running out if the first blank Colt’s magazines they had made for the introduction of the 1921 Thompson. In very good condition with some scratches on the rear rib and a tiny dent (1/8 or less) on the front but not easy to see. These patent magazines are slowly getting harder to find.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 Australian Sub-Machine Guns Manual (Thompson)

Excellent WW2 Manual SAT Vol 1 Pam 15 printed in Australia covering all 3 of the Submachine Guns they were using at the time – Thompson / Austen / Owen dated March 1943. It is in very good condition but has soiling and wear to the cover and some soiling inside on a few pages but very minor inside. It has 64 pages plus cover held by 2 staples and cardstock cover. Not a very common manual and getting tough to find.

Condition 8 / 10


1920’s Stanley Mfg 50 Round (L-Drum) Magazine

Original 1920’s Colt Era production of a very rare low quantity manufactured drum by the Stanley Co., they only made a few drums then Auto Ordnance switched manufacturers for the next run of drums. In good condition showing wear from use and light scratches but no dents and the correct nickeled rotor. I am not 100% sure the winding key is original but this is what it came with, it shows different bluing and the finish and is well worn. The rear face plate has No. but no number stamped on it, the front face plate does not have the No. on it. A very rare almost impossible to find drum.

Condition 7.5 / 10


WW2 US 30 round (6) Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 production 30 round magazine pouch with shoulder strap made to hold 6 magazines. In good used condition with 1 3/8 size hole on the top flap and some soiling. The front is mark

marked US (faint from use), manufacturer marked on the rear and dated 1943.

Condition 7.5 / 10



WW2 USMC 20 round (5) Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 production 20 round magazine pouch, 5 cell with rear belt loop made to hold 5 magazines. In excellent condition, sadly with soiling on the rear from poor storage. The rear is marked USMC 

as well as the maker and dated 1942.

Condition 8.5 / 10



WW2 US Canvas Vehicle Case (Late)

Original WW2 late production canvas gun case that holds a complete gun with magazine attached in un-used condition.  These were used in vehicles such as half tracks and Sherman tanks. There is a full length zipper with the original cotton tie string attached to the zipper and 2 the leather straps with snaps on the back. This case has very faint stenciling on the front side. The original US Stock number is – D50268.

Condition 9 / 10


WW1 45 Military Ammunition Box

Original WW1 military ammunition box produced by United States Cartridge Company complete with original ammunition. The ammunition is dated 1917 and is the same as the ammunition found loaded in at least (1) 20 round stick magazine when Fred Burkes weapons were seized (the 2 Thompson’s were the ones used in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre). The box has been pulled open on one end but is complete and intact with all labels remaining in good condition, it has been shrink wrapped to preserve the box. This is the earlier style 20 round boxes before they switched in WW2 to the 50 round boxes.

Condition 9 / 10



WW2 US 30 Round (6) Magazine Pouch


Original WW2 production 30 round magazine pouch with shoulder strap made to hold 6 magazines. In well used condition, has soiling from age and use but no tears. The front is marked US, it is manufacturer marked on the rear J.Q.M.D. and dated 1942.

Condition 7.5 / 10


Late 1930’s – 1940’s Western 45 Automatic Ammunition Box

This is a very late 1930’s and mainly 1940’s full box of Western 45 Automatic Cartridges and on the back panel the Thompson Submachine Gun is listed as one of the weapons the cartridges are adapted to. The box is complete but one of the end flaps is not original but is a correct reproduction of the flap otherwise a good box full with the original correct ammo.


Condition 7.5 / 10


WW2 USMC 30 Round (3) Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 production USMC contract 30 round (3) magazine pouch in mint condition. I had way back (20+ years) 3 bundles of these still tied up with the original string and paper tag from the factory, stupid me I opened up the packs and sold off the pouches!!!! I wish I still had one pack left. Manufacture marked R.M. Co and dated 1944. Only attaches to a belt, no straps in the dark OD color.


Condition 10 / 10


WW2 Contract 30 Round Magazine

Original Seymour Products Company magazine from their first contract started in 1942, they were the largest producer of 30 round magazines (just under 2 million produced). This magazine is not one of the “victory” magazines, it does not have a V stamped in the lower portion of the magazine, only the name and city are stamped on it. In excellent condition but sadly a tiny spot of rust is on the front side near the bottom (about ¼ inch size) as well on one of the feed lips. This was from poor storage after all these years, unfortunately this is common. It retains about 96% of its bluing and shows now wear marks from ever being loaded or in a gun.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 Winchester 45 Lend Lease Ammunition

Original full box of WW2 Winchester lend lease ammunition manufactured for export to England early in the war (1941). The front of the box lists the ammo as being made for “Submachine Guns” of which the only one at the time firing .45 ACP cartridge was the Thompson Submachine Gun and of course t could be used in the 1911 Colt Semi Automatic Pistol. This is the second version of the box the first listing the Thompson right on the front panel, each of these boxes only held 42 cartridges which was less than the typical 50 round boxes and more tan the earlier 20 round boxes the ammo was packed in. In good condition showing some wear and the front has tape on it from many years ago, but complete and original.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 US Canvas Spare Parts / Cleaning Items Pouch

Original WW2 US spare parts / cleaning kit pouch made in an early khaki colored canvas with tie string closure, in mint condition.  Issued with several other US weapons during the war, no markings or dates.

Condition 10 / 10


POST-WW2 Grease Gun / Thompson 30 Round (6) Magazine Pouch

Original post – WW2 production Grease Gun / Thompson – 30 round magazine pouch with rear belt loop made to hold 6 magazines. In well used condition with soiling and wear. The inside of the flap is maker marked but it is very faint and hard to read.

Condition 7 / 10


WW2 Contract 30 Round Magazine in Post WW2 Package

Original WW2 30 round magazine which was repacked in October 1958 (10/58) in excellent unopened condition. I am not sure who is the manufacturer of the magazine since it is sealed shut. It as a great condition with fantastic clear type / label on the packaging.

Condition 9.5 / 10


WW2 US 20 Round (5) Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 production 20 round (5) magazine pouch in mint condition marked with US on the rear belt loop plus the manufacturers marking – B.A.B. Co. and dated 1942.

Condition 10 / 10


1920’s Thompson Autorifle Magazine Advertisement

This is an original very early advertisement from the Auto Ordnance Corporation for their Thompson Autorifle which was never a success. Early advertisement with the 302 Broadway address measuring approximately 7.5″ X 10.5″, in good condition with some soiling from age and storage.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 British Home Guard Gun Case

Original WW2 early production Home Guard gun case that holds a complete gun with drum and stick magazines in compartments, in very good used condition, it has been over painted a few times, currently in black paint.  These were used in case of a German invasion; they were hidden n various parts all around England. This case is complete except a very small lid on the inside that covers a compartment holding cleaning items.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 US War Bonds Poster

WW2 US Government poster titled – Back the Attack, this is the more rare version without the 3rd War Bonds printed on it at the bottom. This one is in rough condition, a previous owner glued it to a piece of cardboard which I had it removed from but it needed patching up. Some small bits missing and a few holes (small) but the worst is the top left corner was glued in wrinkled so it cannot be 100% straightened. If it was matted well you could remove some of the issues but it will never be perfect but for this rice worth framing. Measures approximately 10 inches by 14 inches, this is the small version of the poster.


Condition 5 / 10


WW2 British 30 Round (3) Magazine Pouches (2)

Original WW2 production British Pattern 37 – 30 round magazine pouches, 3 cell with rear belt loop made to hold 3 magazines, issued in sets of 2. In excellent condition with minor storage soiling (more on one than the other). The 2 pouches are slightly off in color from each other but this is how they would have been issued, when displayed it would be hard to notice. No markings on either one. Not post war, you can tell by the hardware.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 Early 1928 Chamber Brush

Original early WW2 chamber brush very similar to the very early 1921 brushes but with black manufactured bristles (not horse hair as the originals) and a short brass handle of twisted wire. In mint condition (NOS) with no markings.

Condition 10 / 10


WW2 USMC 50 Round L-Drum Magazine Pouch

WW2 50 round drum pouch with strap, marked USMC on the front flap and MFG marked on the inside flap (R.M. Co.)  dated 1943 / 1943 – hard to tell.  It is in very good condition with some soiling and wear but still very strong and complete with no rips or tears. The shoulder strap is original to the pouch and also in very good condition. The rear also has a belt loop for attachment if wanted. A very hard item to find with the USMC markings.

Condition 8 / 10



WW2 British Bore Brush

Original WW2 British bore brush as used by the British who for some odd reason decided to make an adapter for the us cleaning rod to attach the bore brush and jag for cleaning as opposed to the US ones which screw directly to the rod. It is in mint un-issued condition with black bristles and brass end. It can be seen in the British Manual – Mechanism Made easy.

Condition 10 / 10



WW2 British Home Guard Manual

Original WW2 British privately printed manual known as KNOW YOUR WEAPONS NO. 1 – Tommy Gun Rifle and Bayonet printed by Nicholson and Watson in London. 63 pages with many photographs and measuring 5 inches by 7.25 inches (approx.). It has a cardstock cover that is held in place by 2 staples (rusty). The cover is worn with some soiling, spine worn through in some places but still attached. The front cover also has in the top left corner the previous owners name and number (appears to be a soldier) written in a green ink. Well used with some ceasing on the pages but not bad overall inside, a solid copy.

Condition 6.5 / 10


WW2 US Thong – Pull Through

Original WW2 US thong in perfect un-issued condition. It is part of the items issued to each soldier for weapon maintenance and used with a flannel patch for cleaning and final oiling of the weapons bore. The US stock number is C64175.


Condition 10 / 10



WW2 Canadian Thompson Submachine Gun Data Sheets

1944 Dated Canadian Government Issued Data Sheets (3) for the Thompson Submachine Gun M1 & M1A1 which is titled – Carbine Machine Thompson .45 Inch M1 and M1A1. In excellent condition except the word cancelled is written on the side of the front page. It has a line drawing of the gun plus all the data about it. This was only issued to soldiers at the armorer’s level. Measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches (approx..) with 3 hole punches down the left hand side for placing inside a binder. Printed on a white paper that is yellowing a little bit with some wrinkling on the top left corner (the corner was folded with 2 cuts side by side to keep the pages together before going into a binder).

Condition 8 / 10