1921 Auto Ordnance Catalog

Original early 1920’s (probably 1921) Thompson Submachine Gun catalog, first one produced after the initial green colored brochure on the gun. 6″ X 9″ with 20 pages with a cardstock cover. In good condition but had been folded many years ago otherwise very nice, complete and tight, little soiling with minor war on the spine and cover, inside is nice. It has the very early Auto Ordnance “bullet” logo on the cover. Very tough catalog to find and in good condition.

Condition 8 / 10


1921/1928 Thompson Canvas Gun Case (Rusco)

Original 1920’s/1930’s Rusco manufactured canvas gun case for the 1921/1928 Model Thompson Submachine Gun, it is the longer version to hold the gun with the compensator. It is complete with the shoulder strap and holds 4 – 20 round magazines in the front of the pouch with a single flap closure and the buttstock in a separate pouch on the side also with a single flap closure. It has the manufacture ink stampings on the inside of the flap as well s the shoulder strap, No rips or tears just soiling from being in the back of a Police car for a few years (came out of a Police Department with another case).

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 Canadian “Every Canadian Must Fight” Poster

Original WW2 Canadian poster printed by the government in Ottawa. A fantastic image of a worker and a soldier with a Thompson titled “Every Canadian Must Fight”. This is an extremely hard poster to find and there is also a French version of it as well. It is in good condition but was folded in 8 and has the remains of tape in the corners, this could be covered if framed. Measure approximately 21.5 inches by 30 inches.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 Thompson Manual – Department of Armament

This is an original very tough to find Thompson manual that covers the M! only printed by the Department of Armament Air Forces Technical School at Lowry Field in Colorado. It has cardstock covers and is bound by staples, with 30 pages plus covers. It covers all the aspects of the firearm with a few pictures and drawings. In excellent condition except minor soiling on the cover from age and use, inside is excellent. Measures approximately 8″X 10″ and is dated 1943.

Condition 9 / 10


WW2 Gale and Polden – Mechanism Made Easy – Sales Flyer

Original WW2 sales flyer by the printing company Gale and Polden who printed the Manual for the Thompson (Home Guard) titled Mechanism Made Easy, this is the circular (sales flyer) that went around to tell publication sellers about the upcoming manual as well it has an order form in it. It is a single sheet printed on both sides and folded into 3 to make 6 pages. It is in good condition showing some wear from use and age but complete and super rare I have only ever seen one in 30+ years of collecting. Displays very well with one of the manuals.

Condition 7.5 / 10


WW2 3rd War Loan Poster

WW2 US Government printed poster – double sided, it appears this may have been part of series. It is printed on a newsprint type paper and is titled – Here’s Your Ammunition to Back the Attack. Printed b the US Treasury Department with some very nice graphics including a Tommy Gun charging soldier in the top left corner. It measures approximately 15 inches by 21.5 inches.

Condition 9 / 10


WW2 Press Photo 6X8

Original WW2 press photo of a British Grenadier on his motorcycle with a mounted Thompson. A fantastic clear photo that was used in many magazines and different types of literature during the war. |Measuring 6 inches by 8 inches and in excellent condition with minor wrinkling form the glue holding the newspaper clipping on the back. Dated by hand on the back 1941.

Condition 9 / 10


WW2/POST Thompson Kerr Sling In box (1)

Original WW2 production Kerr sling re-packed Post war in a sealed box, not stamped with the Kerr name (I have had several of these). The box is labeled Naval Supply Center in Norfolk VA and dated Aug 1956 it is in perfect condition, could not be upgraded. I measured the length of others that were opened to confirm it is the shorter Thompson Submachine Gun sling not the rifle.

Condition 10 / 10


REPRODUCTION 1920’s Auto Ordnance Advertisement – Poster

Very nice reproduction of the famous 1920’s Thompson Submachine Gun magazine advertisement from Auto Ordnance, to my knowledge no one has found an original copy of the advertisement, but someone must have to be able to reproduce the poster. In very good condition on a cardstock type of paper (thicker than regular 20 lb paper) but it has a very small hole in it near the center – if matted with a matching color mat the hole will not be visible. Measures approximately 11 inches by 14 inches.

Condition 9 / 10


1936 Auto Ordnance Catalog

Original 1936 dated Auto Ordnance catalog with the Nassau Street address but the first version with the red targets on the front cover. In excellent condition but shows minor wear on the spine area of the front cover and the original person who owned it stamped his name on the front and rear cover and on a few pages on the inside – a Police officer (personally I like it to me it adds to the catalog, not detracts, shows history to it). This is the version before they went to the more common all green cover.

Condition 9 / 10


WW2 US Tank Destroyer School Thompson Manual

Really good manual from WW2 (Dated June 1943) for the Model 1928A1 and the M1 Thompson Submachine Gun – this is pre M1A1 Model. It is from Camp Hood TX where the Destroyer School did all their training it is written inside the first page the manual was to be superseded by the revised edition of the US Army Manual FM23-40.  The manual has lots of information – Parts, function, firing etc with a number of photographs, measuring 8″ X 10.25″ with 28 pages plus covers. The manual is in good condition, but the front cover has separated and is held on by 3 small pieces of tape (there is some black ink on the cover – top corner), inside is very good, a hard manual to find.

Condition 7.5 / 10


1920’s Colt Rear Grip

1920’s Original COLT Rear Grip in very good condition except a very thin hairline crack that has not opened. No dings or chips with a strong dark finish to the walnut. Would be perfect on a gun and will be fine for shooting occasionally. Getting very difficult to find original wood in good condition.

Condition 8 / 10


1942 US Base Shop Data Manual 1928 – RIA

Original WW2 very hard to fin manual titled Base Shop Manual and dated 1942 for the model 1928 Thompson – B.S.D.-M.G.4. In very good condition except there is minor wear and soiling on the cover but inside is excellent. It has cardstock covers and is held together by 2 rusty staples, inside is excellent. Printed by Rock Island Arsenal with 12 pages done in a “cartooney” way covering assembly and disassembly of the entire gun. Very tough to find manual, they do not come up very often.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 British 20 Round Magazine Tin

Original WW2 British 20 round magazine tin that holds 10- 20 round magazines. It is complete but does not have the felt pads that keep the magazines from rattling inside the tin. It has green paint and very clear stenciling on the lid and no dents. All the ribs are inside and the handle is complete and in good condition. The bottom has most of the paint scratched off from use and age but the rest of the paint is very good with no rusting.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 US Invasion War Bonds Poster

Original WW2 US invasion poster from the Treasury Department titled “Buy that Invasion Bond” dated 1944. Shows a beach landing invasion with a soldier armed with a Thompson. It is in good used condition but was folded in 8 and shows some wear in the creases. Measures approximately 20 inches by 28 inches.

Condition 7.5 / 10


WW2 British Spare Parts / Tools Tin (With Contents)

Original WW2 British Thompson Spare Parts / Tools tin with “desert” tn paint with clear stenciling on the lid. It is in good condition with some soiling and paint loss from age and use but still excellent with no dents. It has 2 sliding latches on the side and hinges on the other side. It contains some parts and tools all of which are used and the parts are for the 1928 model Thompson. I have only ever seen this 1 tin in the last 30+ years of collecting and never any photos or mention of it in any manuals.

Condition 7.5 / 10


WW2 US 50 Round L-Drum Pouch

Original WW2 production 50 round drum pouch with shoulder strap and belt loop. In very good used condition with minor soiling and wear, marked US on the front flap and maker marked on the back and dated 1942.

Condition 8.5 / 10


1928 US Navy Thompson Catalog Insert Sheet (1929)

Very nice original catalog insert sheet for the Thompson Submachine Gun Model No. 28 (US Navy Model) which was printed and to be inserted into the 1929 catalog. It is in good condition except the top and right edge which was sticking out of a catalog for many years and has wear, creasing / folds and tiny tearing (does not take away from the image and type). It measures 9 X 12 and is a single page double sided. This particular page has a price adjustment on the back side (done at Auto Ordnance most likely).

Condition 7.5 / 10


1942 Auto Ordnance Advertisement

Original WW2 advertisement from Auto Ordnance removed from a 1942 dated publication in excellent condition. It measures approximately 7 X 9 inches and has a great photo of 3 soldiers armed with their Thompson’s, it is with the Bridgeport address. Not a very common advertisement.

Condition 10 / 10


WW2 US 3rd War Loan Poster

Original WW2 US 3rd War Loan poster printed by the US Government Printing Office in 1943. Really a very nice colorful poster showing a Paratrooper cradling a Thompson with the title Back the Attack. In very good condition showing a tiny bit of staining along the edge and some edge bumping and was originally folded, but will be fantastic framed. Measuring approximately 22 inches by 28 inches. A very difficult poster to find, many others are more common.

Condition 9.5 / 10


1930-1931 Auto Ordnance Catalog

This is an original very tough to find early 1930-1931 printed Auto Ordnance catalog, the version after this one is the same except it has a “Statement” page glued into it on the second page then the following versions had it printed on the 2nd page. There are several versions of the “statement” page and then the following version of this catalog has the Nassau Street address on the front where these early ones have the Pine Street address on the front cover. In good condition but has a small stain on the inside top corner at the spine and the cover has soiling otherwise excellent.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 1928 British Vertical Foregrip

WW2 1928 British modified vertical grip in very good condition with some minor dings but the bottom / side has some wood missing from a good scrape (not really to bad visually). It has the Enfield sling swivel screwed to the side, common modification. I cannot see any markings on it and not 100% sure if it was refinished (I do not think it was refinished but it has been cleaned up / oiled only). Overall a very nice grip for that British gun missing it. I have had it for many years and came from a very reputable collector overseas, I have had many 1928’s with an original grip and this matches perfectly.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 US 30 Round (6) Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 production 30 round magazine pouch with shoulder strap made to hold 6 magazines. In excellent condition with only minor storage wear from age otherwise mint. The front is marked US, it is manufacturer marked on the rear H. T & Co..

Condition 9 / 10


1941 Auto Ordnance Advertisement

Original WW2 Auto Ordnance Advertisement pulled from a 1941 magazine in excellent condition. This 1/2 page advertisement measuring 4.5 X 7 inches approximately, it is text only and is from the Bridgeport address. Would look good framed.

Condition 10 / 10


1920’s 50 Round (L-Drum) Magazine – Last NY Address Variation

Original 50 round Colt era l-drum, this is the last version of the NY address drums. It is in very good condition, but the winding key finish is worn. It is all original and complete with nickeled rotor. Shows some wear from age and use with 1 minor dent on the edge of the rear side. Getting to be a tough drum to find.

Condition 8 / 10


1937 Auto Ordnance Handbook – Model 1921 & Model 1928

1937 Auto Ordnance Handbook made with a blue cover and printed by the factory and listed with their early New York, NY address. This is a very hard to find manual and is well used with some pen markings on some of the pages from a previous owner but complete and otherwise decent. The cover is still firmly attached, and the pages show some soiling / foxing but good. It measures approximately 6 inches by 9 inches with 14 pages plus cover. The manual has 2 holes punched into it for holding in a binder of some sort. A very desirable manual to have and difficult to find in any condition.

Condition 7.5 / 10


WW2 British 1928 Disassembly Tool

Original WW2 British disassembly tool used with the 1928 Thompson to hold the recoil spring in lace when installing into the gun. As seen in the British Manual – Mechanism Made easy. It is manufacturer marked with the letters KMM otherwise no markings, I have had many of these with the Broad Arrow but no makers mark. It is in excellent un-issued condition with a small scrape from years of storage.

Condition 9.5 / 10


1922 Police Officer Photo 8 X 10

Amazing photo of patrolman Fisher from the Los Angeles Police Department demonstrating the Thompson Submachine Gun, photo is dated Nov 24, 1922. The photo shows its age with wear on the edges and bumped corners plus a stain in the top left side (does not effect the photo image). The back has an NEA Reference Department ink stamp with date plus a handwritten description in pencil at the top, truly a great photo. Photo measures 8 X 10 and is in decent condition.

Condition 7 / 10


WW2 British Pull Through with Brush

Original WW2 British pull through with a brush attached by string to the weight. With an overall length of 22 ½ inches and in mint (NOS) condition, no markings.

Condition 10 / 10


1921 Auto Ordnance Magazine Advertisement

Very nice original 1921 advertisement from the magazine Arms and The Man from February 1, 1921. It is a front cover advertisement (cover only) that is half the page measuring approximately 6 inches by 9.5 inches. In good condition but has been folded in the middle – not effecting the image and has a water stain on the bottom left corner, not very noticeable, will still look great framed.

Condition 8.5 / 10