WW2 / Post-WW2 Kerr Sling

Original WW2 Thompson Submachine Gun sling in the Kerr style without any markings on the metal. In the late war OD webbing in very good condition except it was stored poorly all these years resulting in some rust one 1 buckle which transferred onto the webbing in 1 spot.  There is one tiny spot on the side which has “caught” on something and has a tiny fray in the material, very small. It has parkerized metal when it was “re-furbished” post-WW2 and has been treated (MRT stamped) as well it is dated FEB 1952. It is the shorter version of the sling as used with the Thompson Submachine Gun.

Condition 8.5 / 10


Federal Laboratories Catalog No. 34

Original catalog from Federal Laboratories in Pittsburgh PA in very good condition. It is catalog No. 34 and has 8 pages including covers and covers some weapons plus accessories such as bullet roof vests and shields. The first 2 pages covers both the 1921 and the 1928 Thompson with very nice photos and lots of ammunition. Very difficult catalog to find at the height of Federal selling Thompson’s.

Condition 9 / 10


1921 Colt Firing Pin and Spring

Original 1921 Colt Thompson Firing Pin and Spring in very good used condition, made of nickeled steel and unmarked. They came out of a pile of spare colt parts that were in the inventory of a PA Police Department for many years going way back to when they had a number of Thompson’s in their inventory.

Condition 8.5 / 10


1929 Stoegers Catalog

Original 1929 Stoegers Catalog in mint condition with a fantastic ad for the Thompson Submachine Gun – Anti-Bandit Gun. Cover and inside are as new, hard to improve upon.

Condition 9.5 / 10


1930’s Remington 45 Automatic Metal Piercing Ammunition Box

This is a very nice first version of the Metal Piercing Cartridges from Remington called Hi-Way Master, designed for Police use only, manufactured in the 1930’s. They were developed when it was realized that the Police were having difficulty piercing the heavy steel bodies of the automobiles the criminals were using on getaways. The second version has an all green front panel. It is in excellent condition showing some wear, it is complete with all the original ammunition. It has been shrink wrapped to help preserve it.

Condition 9 / 10


1928-1929 W.S. Darley Catalog – Municipal Supplies

Original catalog from 1928 or 1929 from W.S. Darley Company in Chicago, they were very big in municipal items such as fire fighting items to street lights etc. In this particular catalog you find one of the top 3 sales advertisements for the Thompson Submachine Gun, it has great graphics and information you do not find in most of the other catalogs. Really hard to find these catalogs since they were intended for municipalities not general use. It is in very good condition with some wear on the covers spine but inside is excellent.

Condition 9 / 10


1920’s / 1930’s Peters Thompson Shot Ammunition Box

Original late 1920’s early 2 pc 1930’s Peters 45 Automatic Shot Cartridge ammunition manufactured for the Thompson Submachine Gun (written on the front panel). It is complete with the original ammunition but shows wear and soiling from all these years and some of the corners of the lid are torn but shrink wrapped as it is it displays well. One end flap has a small sticker on it which may come off with some heat but I did not try it. These boxes are getting more difficult to find all the time, once they go into a collection they do not come back out again.

Condition 7 / 10


1924 Pacific Arms Company Catalog

Original 1924 Pacific Arms Catalog with the only ad I have ever seen for the Model 1923 Thompson in it, it also has the gun priced and the accessories. The catalog is in good condition but the cover is a bit rough but complete. All the other catalogs of the time period have the information of the Model 1921 only.

Condition 7 / 10