WW2 Front Horizontal Grip – USED

Original WW2 production horizontal front grip in good used condition, has some dents and dings but no cracks or chips. It has a shallow swivel slot to hold a stamped sling swivel. It is stamped S on the end – Manufacture mark – Savage Arms.

Condition 8 / 10


1953 Yugoslavian M1A1 Thompson Manual

Original 1953 dated Yugoslavian M1A1 Thompson manual in very good condition with a number of Government or Military ink stamps on the cover. The cover has minor soiling but inside is excellent. 32 Pages plus covers and written in Yugoslavian with some line drawings. A very difficult manual to find.

Condition 9 / 10


WW2 US Chamber Brush – 2nd Gen (M1/M1A1)

Original WW2 (mid) chamber brush with the same style bristles as the earlier 1928 brush but with a thinner steel wire handle that is a few inches longer than the 1928 brush. These were produced in 1942 / 1943 to replace the earlier brush and they were then replaced shortly after by another similar brush but with a different bristle pattern. In mint (NOS) condition, no markings.

Condition 10 / 10


1920’s Nickeled Oil Bottle

Original 1920’s Colt nickeled oil bottle in excellent used condition, basically it is perfect NOS condition. Marked with Made in the USA on the top rim.

Condition 9.5 / 10


1922-1923 Von Lengerke & Detmold Catalog

Original catalog from the sporting goods dealer in Chicago – Von Lengerke & Detmold Inc a few years before it changed to Von Lengerke & Antoine, featuring the Thompson Submachine Gun on a 2 page ad inside, this is by far one the the top 3 finest catalog advertisements for the Thompson. Complete catalog with some war and small bits of the cover missing on the spine otherwise excellent condition. A very hard to find catalog from the very early days of Auto Ordnance and the Thomson Submachine Gun.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 M1A1 Rear Grip – NOS

Original WW2 production M1A1 rear grip in perfect NOS condition, this is the M1A1 style with no channel cut into the top of it. Manufacturer stamped with and M.

Condition 10 / 10


1944 British SAT Vol 1 Pam 21 Machine Carbine Manual – M.E.F

Very hard to find WW2 Manual SAT Vol 1 Pam 21 printed by the British in the Middle East (Printed on the rear – Printed by The Printing and Stationary Services, M.E.F. – 4256a/7-44 (1944) – M.E.F stands for Middle East Forces. It is similar to the regular manual but with a few changes including a Black ink Cover. It is well used but complete, showing soiling and wear through out with folding to the cover but a very hard uncommon manual to find. The front cover has the original soldiers name written on it in the top right corner. It supersedes the 1942 version and is both the Thompson and the Sten manual in one. 26 pages plus cardstock cover.

Condition 7 / 10


1921 / 28 Colt Recoil System

Original very hard to find Colt 1921 / 1928 Navy Thompson Submachine Gun recoil system as made by Colt (Auto Ordnance) to slow down the rate of fire for the 1921’s that were converted to the 1928 Navy Thompson’s. These are used parts in very good condition, the pilot is made of a nickeled steel and the buffer pad shows some wear but it is still in excellent condition. Was from a stock of parts from a PA Police Department when back in the day they had many Thompson’s in inventory.

Condition 8.5 / 10


WW2 M1 / M1A1 Rear Grip – Canadian Stamped

Original WW2 production rear grip for the M1 / M1A1, well used with some dings, small chips and gouges but no cracks and still very solid. It has been stamped on the side with the C Broad Arrow marking as used by the Canadian Military. I have seen several Thompson’s used by the Canadian Military and stamped on the receiver with the C Broad Arrow but this is the first piece of wood stamped that I have seen.

Condition 6.5 / 10


1927 Auto Ordnance Brochure

Original 1927 Auto Ordnance 2 page brochure which is very scare with few remaining. It shows wear and soiling and was folded 3 times but still decent (getting delicate), the rear page has the most soiling and there is wear in the creases. It is a single sheet of paper folded in the middle making a 4 page brochure. Has no pricing on it but is very early with the 302 Broadway address.

Condition 7 / 10


WW2 British 20 Round (5) Magazine Pouch

Original WW2 British manufactured 20 round 5 cell magazine pouch in perfect NOS condition. It is the exact same as the US pouches but using British canvas which is more of a yellow color and slightly different finish. It is stamped US on the front (reverse Lend Lease) and British marked on the inside of 1 of the flaps. Very hard to find pouch.

Condition 10  / 10


WW2 1928 Buttstock (Non Crossbolt) – NOS

Original WW2 production 1928 Buttstock which is an early war manufacture without the crossbolt near the front. It is in perfect NOS condition and is stamped with a W or M on the rear – Manufacturers mark.

Condition 10 / 10


1921 Arms and the Man Magazine (Auto Ordnance Advertisement)

Original Auto Ordnance advertisement in a complete issue of Arms and the Man magazine dated 1921. In excellent condition except the magazine was 3 hole punched, the ad is not effected by the hole punches. The advertisement is on the inside back cover and is a half page advertisement measuring approximately 8 X 5.5 inches. Very nice early advertisement with the 302 Broadway Address and mentions the guns manufactured by colt’s Patent firearms Co.,  would look fantastic framed.

Condition 9.5 / 10


WW2 Front Horizontal Grip – Used – Complete

Original WW2 production front horizontal grip good for all Thompson models in excellent used condition complete with milled sling swivel also in excellent condition. It has been lacquered otherwise it is perfect with no dings, chips or cracks. Has a nice medium brown coloring to it. Stamped with and M on the rear.

Condition 9.5 / 10


WW2 US Bore Cleaner & Oil Tins (2)

Original WW2 US weapon maintenance items, bore cleaner and oil tins (full) in excellent un-issued condition. The were issued to each soldier along with all the other maintenance items as used with all small arms. Well marked tins.

Condition 10 / 10


1941/1947 US Thompson Manual

Original US manual 1941 version but printed in 1947 by the US Government numbed FM 23-40 for the 1928A1 Thompson. It is in excellent condition with 80 pages plus cardstock covers, with almost no wear or soiling a basically a perfect copy – impossible to upgrade. The original manual FM 23-40 went through a number of printings over a few years as well as a couple of languages and was reproduced in many other manuals, it is the “standard” manual for the Thompson for the US during and after WW2.

Condition 9.5 / 10


1921 Rear Grip

Original Colt 1921 Thompson rear grip in excellent condition but has 3 numbers stamped into the bottom of the grip (rack number – was a Police Gun). Made of walnut in excellent un-sanded condition with a dark finish, no cracks or chips just excellent.

Condition 9.5 / 10


1940 SAT New Zealand Vol 1 Pam 21 Thompson Manual

Original 1940 Dated Small Arms Training Manual Vol 1 Pam 21 for the Thompson Submachine Gun but from NEW ZEALAND – as rare as it gets!!!! Sadly, it looks as if a rat had a good time chewing off the bottom right corner, showing lots of wear and staining but compete and one of those “any copy” that is this hard to find you grab them when you can. Dated Feb 1941 with 8 pages basically the same as the British version. It has rusty staples and the pages are puling loose, but they are all there.

Condition 5 / 10


WW2 1928 Rear Grip – NOS

Original WW2 production 1928 rear grip in NOS perfect condition. It is stamped with an M on the top – Manufacturers stamping.

Condition 8 / 10


1946 Israeli Thompson / Sten Manual

Original 1946 dated Israeli manual covering both the Thompson and the Sten in good condition with minor soiling and some discoloration of the cover and some wear to the spine but inside is good with little soiling. Held with 2 staples which are a bit rusty but still solid. With 56 pages and written in Hebrew (reads in the opposite direction of |English language books). After WW2 the Israeli’s used almost every weapon from every country especially US weapons. A tough manual to find.

Condition 7 / 10


WW2 US Spare Parts Pouch

Original WW2 US spare Parts Pouch measuring 3 x 3 1/8 approximately – these are the earlier versions, later in the war they were made a bit larger (rectangular pouch). It is made of OD canvas with a single snap closure as seen in the manuals. In mint (NOS) condition, no markings.

Condition 10 / 10


1930’s Auto Ordnance “Statement” Sheet

Original 1930’s Auto Ordnance printed “Statement” sheet which is one of a couple of versions of this sheet, it was printed and inserted in the Green Catalogs during the 1930’s then later on Auto Ordnance just printed it onto the back of the first page in the later versions of the catalog. In good condition except the far right edge where it is worn, folded with tiny tears due to hanging out of the original catalog it was in (they made the mistake of printing on a page which is the same size as the catalog so it was bound to hang out). These do not come up very often for sale.

Condition 7.5 / 10


WW2 M1A1 Buttstock (Crossbolt) – NOS

Original WW2 production M1A1 Buttstock in perfect NOS condition, but has no hardware except the crossbolt and nut. It is stamped ULC in the wood inside the sling swivel slot (Manufactirer mark). It is the M1A1 version with the crossbolt in the front.

Condition 10 / 10


1920 Popular Mechanics Magazine (Thompson Article)

Original popular Mechanics Magazine from November 1920 featuring an excellent article (early) on the Thompson Submachine Gun with some photos. The magazine is in very good condition with some wear to the cover and spine plus minor soiling but inside is excellent. Complete magazine measuring approximately 8 X 10 inches with 238 pages plus covers. Getting to be a very difficult magazine to find.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 Pull Through – No Brush

Original WW2 pull through as used with a number of guns including the Thompson (as seen in the manuals). Made of steel with a patch slot on the end and a string to pull it through the barrel. This is the later model, the early ones had a brush on the end of the string and no patch slot. This is called a “Thong” by the military. In excellent NOS condition.

Condition 10 / 10


WW2 US Cleaning Patches in Package

Original WW2 US package of cleaning patches as used with the pull through. It is a full package which holds a number of these cotton pieces of cloth cut into squares. As issued and used with a number of weapons including the Thompson. In perfect NOS condition showing minor soiling on the outside of the packaging from all these years but the patches are perfect.

Condition 10 / 10


WW2 50 Round (L-Drum) Magazine – United Specialties Co.

Original 50 round Drum magazine stamped with the Auto Ordnance information, the standard U stamping on the front and rear face plate. Well used but original finish with a blued rotor. n good working condition with no dents. A good example shooter magazine.

Condition 8 / 10


WW2 British Action Cover

Original WW2 British action cover intended to keep the sand out of the Thompson action, in good used condition showing some wear and soiling but solid and complete, has some green corrosion from the brass hardware on the canvas.  Maker marked and dated 1943.


Condition 8.5 / 10


1921 Colt Front Vertical Grip

Original 1921 Colt Thompson Submachine Gun front vertical grip with a beautiful dark walnut finish in excellent condition. Never sanded or re-finished with minor wear from use, came from a Colt 1921 Thompson that was cut into a parts kit many years ago.

Condition 9.5 / 10


WW2 US Spare Parts Pouch

Original WW2 US spare Parts Pouch measuring 3 x 3 1/8 approximately – these are the earlier versions, later in the war they were made a bit larger (rectangular pouch). It is made of OD canvas with a single snap closure as seen in the manuals. In mint (NOS) condition, no markings.

Condition 10 / 10