WW2 Winchester Lend Lease 45 Automatic Ammunition Box (Thompson)

WW2 Winchester Lend Lease 45 Ammunition Box for England early in the war (Dated 1941), in very good condition except the rear panel has rust spotting from sitting for a while on top off another opened box, the inside tray and ammunition are perfect. The box is the first variation of this box having printed on the front panel: For Thompson Sub-Machine Guns. Complete and full with all the original ammunition. It is getting hard to find these early boxes these days, the second variation being more common.

Condition 8 / 10


Item # AMMO-042

WW2 Canadian Ammunition Box

WW2 Canadian produced ammunition box from Dominion Arsenals, this box is complete with original ammunition. There is very little information on the box other than what it reads on the front cover. It once contained brass case standard 230 grain ball ammunition and was only produced like this during the war years. It is still not clear why they chose this specific package / box holding an unusual 42 cartridges. To the best of my knowledge it was chosen simply because it was the same size cardboard box as the 9 mm ammunition they also produced but 50 cartridges were held in those. These boxes were used both in training within Canada as well as sent overseas. It is in very good condition but has some old clear packing tape on it but does not look to bad, it is shrink wrapped to keep it clean and from getting damaged.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # AMMO-003

Stembridge Thompson Submachine Gun 45 Blank Ammunition Box

This is a very late produced blanks box produced by Stembridge Gun Rentals who did most of the gun renting in the early days to the movies in Hollywood. This box is complete with the original ammunition. The box has a wonderful label with some nice artwork but in the top right hand corner there are some numbers? in black ink. All of Stembridges information is printed on the label also – address and phone number. The box has very little markings other than the front panel other than a double FF (some type of code) on both the front and end panel. It is shrink wrapped to protect it form damage.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # AMMO-004

WW2 Winchester Lend Lease 45 Ammunition Box

This is a very nice early WW2 box of ammunition manufactured by Winchester for Lend Lease to England with a LOT number of 23 but the date has been blacked out (other boxes I have had over the years with this Lot number were dated 1941. It is in good used condition with some wear and soiling (one side panel has spots) from age as well there is the number 50 written on the front panel in red ink from a previous owner but the box is complete and full with the original ammunition. It is printed on the front panel: For 45 Automatic Colt And Other Automatic Arms, this being the second variation of this box.

Condition 7 / 10


Item # AMMO-039

WW2 US 45 Automatic Ammunition Box - Chrysler

This is a WW2 produced then repacked in Aug 1944 box of 45 automatic ball ammunition produced by the Chrysler Corporation. These are the steel case version of the ammunition which was what they produced the most of. In excellent condition except the box has the lot number scrubbed off the front panel other wise perfect and complete with the original ammunition.

Condition 8.5 / 10


Item # AMMO-027

WW2 WCC 45 Automatic Ammunition Box - 1941

This is a very nice original box that is from Western Cartridge Company (WCC) produced for the US Military in WW2. This is one of the early packaging style boxes holding 20 rounds, it is dated 1941 and in 1942 they switched over to the new packaging with the cardboard boxes holding 50 cartridges. it is in excellent condition but 1 end flap was opened, contains all the original ammunition.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # AMMO-019

WW2 Russian Lend Lease 45 Ammunition Box

This is a very difficult ammo box to find, it was manufactured by Remington Arms in 1941 and packaged in a plain brown cardboard box then packed into a “sardine tin” style ammo can for shipment to Russia during WW2 as a Lend Lease shipment for all the Thompson’s that were sent to them to fight the Germans. The box is in the same style as the Lend Lease boxes that went to England earlier in the war and contain on 42 rounds. It is in excellent condition and still sealed, could not be improved upon.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # AMMO-013

45 Automatic Military Tracer Ammunition Box

This is a very nice complete box of military tracer ammunition,  it is very unusual in the sense that it only holds 10 cartridges as opposed to 20 or 50 which are the more common numbers to be boxed. It has no makers marking on it and it is sealed so I have no idea of the head stamp. The box is in excellent perfect condition and cannot be improved upon.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # AMMO-012

Early 1930's Peters 45 Ammunition Box

This is a very nice complete box of 1930’s and discontinued around 1934, it is the Peters Rustless 45 Colt Auto ammo with something new added which they called Gildkote (this was a new coating developed to replace the cupro-nickle coating in use at the time on the bullets – this was started in 1930) the box is titled METAL CASED BULLET  FOR COLT AUTOMATIC PISTOLS. The box shows minor wear from age and handling but is very clear with vivid colors. It is complete with all the original ammunition. The rear panel clearly lists the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun as one of the weapons it is adapted to.

Condition 8 / 10


Item # AMMO-011

1920's Remington 45 Automatic Tracer Ammunition Box - FBI

This is a very nice complete box of 1920’s – 1930’s Remington “dog bone” ammunition box but it is over stamped Tracer on the front panel. It came from a lot of 3 boxes I purchased them from an EX-FBI agent who took them when they were getting rid of them because they were no longer training with them. This is the last box I have for sale, I sold one other and the last (3rd) is in my personal collection. It is complete with the original ammunition and in excellent condition showing minor wear and soiling over all these years. Early in the 20’s – 30’s they never produced a box with a complete printed label for tracer cartridges and even the wooden crates (ammunition shipping crates) were simply over stamped Tracer as well. These were only Police use at the time.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # AMMO-023