Nickeled Steel Firing Pin

Original early nickeled steel firing pin stamped with the Savage S, came out of a very early bolt from a gun that had a serial number just under 8000. Used in excellent condition all the later firing pins were blued steel.

Condition 8.5 / 10


Item# SAVG-003

Nickeled Steel Bolt

Original early nickeled steel bolt stamped with the Savage S, came out of a very early bolt from a gun that had a serial number around 5500. Used in excellent condition, all the later bolts were blued steel.

Condition 8.5 / 10


Item# SAVG-001

Pivot - Fire Control Lever - Knurled

Original pivot lever with the knurling along the edge, the knurling is a bit unusual compared to the earlier Colt knurling and the early Savage knurling (slightly different pattern). It is marked with the Savage S and is used with some wear and bluing loss but still very nice.

Condition 8 / 10


Item# SAVG-005

Colt / Savage Buttstock Slide Assembly

Original very early buttstock slide assembly with the nickeled catch, very early Savage guns produced (under 5000) did have some left over Colt parts on them, this I believe is one of them but very hard to tell. It shows wear from use but you can still see allot of care in the metal finishing like the Colt 1921’s. It is unmarked and complete. I have had 2 of very early Savage 1928’s (under 5000) and they all had the same slide assembly  as did a gun which was just under 10 000 serial number so it is hard to say.

Condition 8 / 10


Item# SAVG-002

1928 Savage Front Vertical Grip - REPRODUCTION

This is a perfect copy (REPRODUCTION)  from an original very early 1928 Savage, it was done on a CNC Mill then hand finished. Made of walnut and  left raw to be finished to match the other 2 pieces of wood. It fits the original front grip bar which is 1/2″ not the wider current manufactured Thompson’s. If you wish I can finish it to match the rest of the wood of your Thompson, just let me know if you wish to have this done otherwise you can finish it yourself.

Condition 10 / 10


Item# SAVG-008

1928 Savage Commercial Wood Set - REPRODUCTION

This is a complete early 1928 commercial wood set very similar to the original 1921 Colt sets. The front grip is a perfect reproduction of an original front grip copied off an under 2000 serial numbered gun as well as the buttstock is a perfect copy. The buttstock metal parts are original very low numbered parts that have been carefully refinished and fitted to the buttstock (email in for details on the numbers available – limited quantity available). The butsstocks have no sling swivel and the metal is all bright blue finish and the slide assembly has a nickeled lever. The rear grip is original early Savage and all 3 pieces of wood are color matched and look perfect, the front and rear grip screw are also included.

Condition 10 / 10


Item# SAVG-010

1928 Savage Ejector (milled)

This is a nice original early, fully milled Savage made ejector for the 1928 Thompson, unlike the later war version which are a pressed 2 piece ejector. Stamped with an S on the inside and in excellent condition.

Condition 9 / 10


Item# SAVG-010