WW2 USCO 20 Round Magazine (NOS)

Original 2nd round contract magazine from USCO (United Specialties Co.) in excellent condition showing a tiny bit of wear on the rear spine, must have been in a gun a coupe of times. It has never been loaded with ammunition showing a perfect follower. The bluing is about 98% – 99%.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # MAGS-016

WW2 Blank 20 Round Magazine (NOS)

Original WW2 production Blank 20 round magazine in excellent NOS condition. There is no makers mark on the front.

Condition 10 / 10


Item # MAGS-066

WW2 Auto Ordnance 20 Round Magazine (NOS)

Original WW2 production Auto Ordnance 20 round magazine in NOS condition. This is the version with the offset stamping (not in a lined up block).

Condition 10 / 10


Item # MAGS-068

WW2 Seymour 20 Round Magazine (NOS)

Original WW2 production Seymour magazine holding 20 rounds, manufactured in 1942. The government gave Seymour a contract to build almost 3 million magazines and production started and ended in 1942. It is in excellent NOS condition.

Condition 10 / 10


Item # MAGS-051

WW2 SWCO 30 Round Magazine (Used)

Original 30 round magazine produced during WW2 from the Sparks-Withington Company – stamped SWCO. This is from their one and only production contract starting in 1942, they built over 2 million magazines for the US government. In very good condition except some rust on the follower from poor storage after all these years. The rear spine shows that someone tried it in a gun a few times and a tiny spot 1/8 or less of bluing missing from the front at the very bottom and a tiny light scratch, overall in very good condition retaining about 98% of the original bluing, if you replaced the follower with a NOS perfect one it would be a n almost perfect magazine.

Condition 8 / 10


Item # MAGS-013

WW2 Auto Ordnance 20 Round Magazine - reverse stamping (NOS)

Original WW2 Auto Ordnance stamped magazine but it is a reverse direction type stamped magazine, in excellent condition. It was never in a gun and has minor storage marks if any, it was in my collection for many years up here in Canada and has an aluminum rivet in the top drain hole (can be removed easily) otherwise in 96%+ condition. A great addition to a collection, not too many existing.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # MAGS-012