FBI Headquarters Photo 8 X 10

Original 1940’s – 1950’s FBI photo showing an agent or person who works with the FBI showing a female visitor a firearm / weapon display at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC. The agent is holding a Thompson in his hands and another one can be seen on the back display wall behind them along with other weapons. It measures 8 X 10 with a white border and was glued into a scrap book and the back has the remnants of the scrapbook paper along with a label saying FBI HEADQUARTERS.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # PHTO-001

WW2 Press Photo 8 X 10

Press photo dated April 22, 1943 showing a solder in New York showing off the new jungle hammock while holding a Thompson. The back has an ink stamp from ACME NEWSPAPERS INC. along with the typed information about the photo glued on. In very good condition with very little wear. Photo measures 7 X 9 with a white border.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # PHTO-002

1930's - 1940's Iowa Police Photo 8 X 10

This is a wonderful photo I had reproduced in a 8 X 10 – the original is about 4 X 5 inches or so. It shows an officer of the Iowa Highway Patrol well armed! Printed on high quality photographic paper – not a  crappy inject deal – professionally printed. I only made 2 copies from the original.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # PHTO-013

St. Valentines Day Massacre Photo 8 X 10

1940’s -1950’s newspaper reproduction of one of the famous photos from the St. Valentines Day Massacre which was used in a Sunday newspaper as a 2 column photo to a story about the event. A good quality copy of the photo – very clear. In good condition with some writing on the top indicating which is the top and that it will be in a 2 col position / size. The back has pencil notations and the word SUNDAY in bold red ink. Photo measures 8 X 10 and is in good condition.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # PHTO-003

Robert Stack "Untouchables" Photo and Autograph 8 X 10

Very nice studio photo of Robert Stack from when he was filming the Untouchables TV series.A separate signed card is also with the photo, the signature is original and done in a solid black sharpie marker on a clean card. The photo is in excellent condition and the image is very clear and measures 8 X 10.

Condition 10 / 10


Item # PHTO-014

1939 Actor George Brent / FBI Photo 6 X 8

Very nice press photo dated January 29, 1939 showing actor George Brent at the FBI Headquarters in Washington DC test firing a Thompson Submachine Gun in the basement indoor range. In the early days Hoover had many celebrities come by the headquarters and do publicity photos with Thompson’s. The photo is ink stamped on the back with ACME NEWS PICTURES INC. and has the typed description glued on the rear also. The photo has a white border around it and is in good condition except there is a missing corner on the bottom right (does not effect the photo image). The top in the center also shows some very minor wrinkling from someone’s sweaty hand / fingers holding it with a tiny bit of discoloration but it does not detract from the image. The photo measures 6 X 8.

Condition 8 / 10


Item # PHTO-007

WW2 US Motorcycle Soldiers Photo 16 X 20

WW2 Reproduced US motorcycle soldiers photo (famous) professionally mounted on a plastic type of material. It is in excellent condition except a minor bump on one corner. The photo measures 16 X 20 and ready to hang.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # PHTO-016

1930's - 1940's FBI Photo 8 X 10

FBI photo from the 1930’s (official photo) that was sent to a newspaper in 1947. It is of the outdoor shooting range at their training center in Quantico VA (military base). The photo is in very good condition with the newspapers markings on the rear. Photos measures 8 X 10.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # PHTO-015

1933 /1951 Machine Gun Kelly Press Photo 8 X 10

This press photo is on a standard 8 X 10 paper but the image only measures 5 X 9. It is a 1951 newspaper reproduction of a famous photo of Machine Gun Kelly when he was in prison (the original photo was taken in 1933). It is dated on the back with several dates, it was created and filed on June 2, 1951 and it ran in a newspaper on Saturday July17, 1954 when he died of a heart attack in prison (n his birthday). The photo has the ink stamp ASSOCIATED PRESS WIREPHOTOS on the rear along with the clipping of the actual newspaper article glued to the rear. The original typed description with the photo from 1933 has been added to this photo on the front bellow the photo. Several other hand written and ink stamp notations are n the rear, such as the word DEAD in capital letters. It is in very good condition with the top right corner bumped otherwise excellent.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # PHTO-008

WW2 Unit Photo 8 X 31.5

Original WW2 unit photo with a number of soldiers on each end holding Thompson Submachine Guns, measuring 8 X 31.5 with a white border around the photo. It is in very good condition but has been rolled up for many years (light roll, not a very tight poll- approx 5 inch diameter). The back has some hand written notes in pencil telling who the commanding officer is and where he is located in the phot. There is no other information on the photo to tell which unit it is. One tiny stain on the bottom edge on the right side but does not effect the image at all.

Condition 9 / 10


Item # PHTO-009

1929 Killer Burke Seized Weapons Photo 8 X 10

Original press photo of the weapons seized from Killer Fred Burkes home after he killed a policeman in St. Joseph MI. Dated Dec 16, 1929, the 2 Thompson Submachine Guns in the photo were later found to be the ones used in the St. Valentines Day Massacre by Ballistics expert Calvin Goddard. The photo has some overall wrinkling and 2 small light red stains but is very good otherwise, has a small white border and had=s been touched up for use in a newspaper (outlines drawn in to accent items they want to be easily seen when printed in a newspaper), this was done right on the negative. The rear has an ink stamp ASSOCIATED PRESS and the typed description is also glued on the back. It measures 8 X 10 and is in good condition.

Condition 8.5 / 10


Item # PHTO-010

1930's - 1940's FBI Photo 8 X 10

1930’s – 1940’s FBI photo of the FBI indoor Shooting Range, I believe it was originally a black and white photo that at one point was colorized and reprinted. It is marked FBI-2-39 (dated 1939) plus a description – agents firing Thompson Submachine Guns … The photo is 8 X 10, this is the only one I have ever seen.

Condition 9.5 / 10


Item # PHTO-017